Dance Competition

Dances Importance

Dance is so powerful. It is an art, it is an exercise, it is a way to express emotions, it is a way to way to celebrate. Dance and Music together becomes a very important aspect of life. After 3 basic need of mankind - food, cloth, shelter what comes next. We believe it is music and dance. Together they refresh mind and body.

There is no society and culture in world where music and dance are not used.

In modern world - Dance and music has become most important tool for entertainment. There are lots of types of dances - Ballroom, Belle, Salsa, Break, Twist, Garba and many more. Dance is combination of art and science where choreographer around the world inventing new dance styles every day.

Dance is a wonderful exercise too. People who dance keep fit. It is even better than doing physical exercise as while doing a dance not only you are toning your body but mind too.

You can do dance on your own, your loved one or in group. When a group of people are dancing and synchronize to same tunes, it helps to cross barrier and mingle.

No wonder that's why most of single go to Disco and Dance club as it is easier to meet new people in dance party.

Music and Dance are used in prayers, in celebrations, in Discos. Dance is best way to express merry and joy.

With so many benefit many people wants to learn Dance techniques. Here we provide you basic Dance tips you can practice and live your life to fullest.

In India and other parts of worled on religious and culural event Dance is important such as Bihu Dance.  Lean about cultural, folk dances of world.


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